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Game #1900, Generated on June 30, 2011

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You're welcome Susan. It's the least I can do for my favorite teacher. smile

WOW !!! Thanks so much, William !! smile You're really alert tonight !! I finally got it with your help. smile smile I think the clue to play the 9 over was the key for me. I've gotten sidetracked with a number of things today. I still have to go down and finish scooping boxes for the kitties ! Another late night.

Susan, a correction: I was moving the 2 on to the 3. Didn't need to do it. Both play up. At first I thought I shouldn't bring down the 7, but you can.

DONNA...Thanks for the follow up..the boys are tucked into their beds and im having a bit of jet, im going to follow ur advice as i normally do when im stuck...and see if i get close to the 140

Hi Susan! Well, I got it. In addition to all the good clues, I did the following; I was bringing down the 9 for the 8. That was the extra move I shouldn't have made. I moved the 8 on to the 9 instead, and it worked. I was also moving the 3, even though one of the clues was that it played up,

Hey, are you out there, William? It looks like we're following in each other's footsteps!! smile

Thanks a lot, Donna! smile I got 141, anyway. This game and I are not getting along very well today ! sad

for 140.Ks..Ks, Ks.. I used 9 first..10 first.. I brought down 6s I believe.. but I know for 139 you can't..but haven't been able to get under 144 with that. I can't think of anything else special I did.. I moved black 3 to 4s to make room. I moved black ten to Js to make room.. for the next king.

And a BIG THANK TO our British friends...for sending the singer AELE. WOW. Q and Race have some little movements they do when they hear AELE'S ROLLING IN THE DEEP...and I will be mum on OneRepulbic's new hit GOODLIFE...but Q and Race sing now with their cousin Zac..the lead guitarist in OneRepulblic.
Great to be back HOME.
DONNA How the flip do u have a score of under 140? doggone it.
Hope ur feeling great now.
Robb, Q and Race

Sorry but my internet went down right after my last clue. J plays over. therefore the 6 must play before you get to the J. (we are talking after the flip)

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