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Game #1871, Generated on June 1, 2011

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Good Afternoon...and in deed it is..for the simplest of accomplishments..or sorts. I DID NOT LOOK AT ANY CLUES FOR THIS GAME..I have not even read anything above this message, but will certainly do so after i post this comment.
NOW, the task at hand, lower the moves to lower the time.
Make it a great day...88F today, and its time to hit the pool, as soon at Q and Race wake up from their afternoon nap. Chris Long, is home to see Pops and Mama Long, the great Italina cook that she is..she is pure Northern Italian. Chris loves the twins, plays with them every chance he can...i think he uses them as a chic magnet, as if he has a problem 25 yrs old, 59 million dollars for playing football. even Howie is really taken back by it all.
Robb, Q and Race and Chevy the dog

Thanks, joekayak! smile It was so late last night when I finally got this (combining part Fizz clues and part Dale clues). I just didn't get to write a note saying so. But I see your clue summary has helped someone else! smile

If you follow Fizz clues, the 6 gets used on the 7 which goes on the 8. BTW. In Fizz-world, after the flip and after spades play up to the 10, 4 to 5 and eventually both the Q and K play up.

Dale, what are you doing then with the 6 that's left at the beginning of the deck?

that's what I have been trying to get to work for ages Dale.. I kept at it cause you said it worked and I realized I was bringing down 5 for nothing.. Don't bring it down.. yep 135 smilesilencesilencesilence thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some slight variations possible, basicly it's the stacking that counts. Spades on hearts, diamonds on clubs. A couple of notable exceptions for me were 6 and 9. I suspect the last move has something to do with the 4. Have to go, again. Good night and good luck.

I am going a different way, 6 first and putting the 6 on the 7. It seems messy, but got me to 135.

WTG Fizz! smilesmile

Ooops! finally got to play in earnest. but have to run again. Come back in just a little.

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