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RE: Lynne C
on March 28, 2011 are things in the big town?
Passing thru JFK in a couple of weeks on our way down to AZ - family get vacation.

Well, forget about Foothill village, thought you were in Utah. We sleep in on Sunday so no crisis here!

Impossible game!!

Hamlette, WOW...thanks for this tip. I will check out the site with the boys after swim class tomorrow. Q and Race are the same with their wooden puzzles as I am with SC, its over and over until the score is lower or the time is lower and always hopefully both. the boys compete against themselves.
We solved the clothing crisis today. they wanted to wear their new blazer jackets that is part of their uniform at St Anne's Belfield, here in Ivy. If u know anything about east coast schools, u will understand why I have them enrolled in pre school at STAB. and if its good enuf for John Grisham's daughters and Howie Long's sons, then its perfect for Q and Race.
Our home is in the middle of Howie Long's property and 65 acres and to our other side is John Grisham property. and Sissy Spacek lives a bit off the mountain. To say the 'neighborhood is interesting is simply an understatement".
Thanks again for taking ur time and efforts to send me this info on the wooden puzzles, extremely generous of you. Thanks
Robbie, Q and Race

Judith - I live in Queens!

Posted that poem about queens because there aren't any in this game....

BB I love your icon - Dark Side of the Moon is one of my all time favorite albums!

Bigone...check out for great wooden puzzles, especially the Waldorf ones. I also love Plan Toys as does my little 3 year old. Check 'em out on line or at Tutoring Toys in Foothill Village. Tutoring also has some of the "new Brio" (Brio is not made anymore but this new company is pretty cool if you boys like trains. Plan is best for vehicles.

desi...just so u know, you are a celeb where ere u go, be it your classroom, amongst ur peer group, and clearly ur family regardless of how u define family, and then the huge welcoming FAMILY here on SC.
and after 21 tries, im finding that the game no longer gives me pause, It has been sometime since i have had the opportunity to be so highly embarrassed for the person/s, who suspected this was a worthwhile game. for clearly they did not play the game prior to sending it our way.and clearly they didn't have the common sense to be embarrassed from themselves.

doggone it...i forgot to click on post comment when i typed the above message at 8am today.

fun game from the the mindset of ' I WILL SOLVE THIS" so i keep trying, and keep failing.
make it a great day regardless of this game's outcome

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