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Game #1770, Generated on February 21, 2011

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morning all. it is snowing again here this england weather.........roll on spring. mag

William, that kind of move is so easy to overlook (and not catch). At least with yours, the 3 was quite a ways off from when you moved the 4 needlessly. My instinctive move (the 8), as I explained earlier, was really worse, because all of the cards involved were nearly playing in succession. Glad we both found the ONE move we didn't have to make! smile

Great, William! You've been burning the midnight oil !! I was just stopping by to see what cards I could tell you definitely play up or over or whatever else might have helped. You got it on your own! Congratulations! smile

Susan, I got it! As usual, it was a dumb move at the beginning (it's usually at the end). I was putting the 4 on the 5, and didn't even notice it. I kept saying "what's the ONE move you shouldn't make, and there it was, staring me in the face: "I don't need to move this 4 - it doesn't change the order of anything." Thanks for your help. The clues (all of them) were really good. If more people read them, they'd be better players. Thanks!!! cool

William, did you have 76 moves at the flip? Don't know what time you were here last. Maybe we can straighten this out tomorrow. Double-check the clues from when Fizz came back later today and helped get us on the right path! See you tomorrow. smile

Susan, I don't know if you're still on, but i tried that and still got 123. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks, as always, Susan. I wasn't playing that way at all.

Sorry, banktommy, just saw your comment. Black Jack was a VERY cool cat! He was also a very beautiful, long-haired kitty with a lot of pizazz! I brought him from the feral cat colony to live with my mom and me so he had a lot of learning and growing up to do before he became a good indoor citizen! Sadly, we lost him in January of 2005. sad

Freezing rain isn't good but I still love snow! As for the game, we struggled with it on and off all day. To simplify things for you, the ONLY face card that I brought down is the J. Move the K first and then the K to uncover the 8. By the time you do all of the other clues, too (and move both of these Kings), you should be at 76 moves before the flip. All of the other face cards eventually play over after the flip. There are other ways to play around with the face cards but this seems to be the easiest to explain. Hope that helps! smile

Got here very late Susan. Went out with friends this afternoon. Snowing like crazy here, and freezing rain coming. Thanks for all the clues. My end game always gets me in trouble.

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