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Game #1763, Generated on February 14, 2011

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Hi, William! The 4 plays up, the 4 plays over, and the 3 plays over! Does that help?!

Sorry Susan, at 63 (not 60) moves the aces piles are as you say. I can't get below 117. I have to do some shuffling to get the 3 on a 4 or 4 .

Actually, disregard all clues before Koko mentions the no-flipper! Don't worry so much about the hearts during the first half. A few key moves: 2 on 3 - 5 on 6 - 9 on 10. (Don't cover the 9 and the 10 plays up later.) Also, J on Q. By the time you reach 60 moves, the Ace piles should read " 9, 3, 5, 4 ". After the 60 moves, the following cards come down: J, 10, 9, 7, 9, 8, and Q. Other cards play over or up which you will readily see! I kept thinking, "How on earth is this going to work?!" But it does work out in the end!! smile Good luck and feel better! smile

O.K., William! First, we ended up playing this as a misslanny (no-flipper). I'll go back to see which of the old clues still apply, along with the new ones ever since Koko said, "Did anyone mention a no-flipper?" I'll take a look at the hearts, too. Second, when Knit 01 said she finished it in one attempt, she meant that she just got through it -- in 199 moves! Don't let that throw you! smile I'll get back to you in a minute.

Thank you Susan. Getting 60 moves when the 9 goes up ain't easy. How come you're not playing up more cards before that? I think 117 is the best I can do. Knit 01 finished it in one attempt. I'm having trouble - I'm trying to get these hearts down so I don't have to flip the pile so many times, but that doesn't seem to be the answer

William, I'm so sorry to hear you're sick today. Hope you're better tomorrow. Get well soon! smile

liked this game!!! whoo hoo!!!

Hi everyone. Susan, I can't play well today, I'm sick with nausea and a slight temperature.

I finished it in 1 attempt !!!!

Right! Sometimes it's hard to know exactly where the problem is so I just put that out there in case it helped to pinpoint it. Glad you got it! smile

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