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Game #1754, Generated on February 5, 2011

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With due respect, I think a lot of the clues below are kind of hard to follow. My solution is just to almost bring nothing down, with an aim to playing the Jack of Clubs up. After that, it's easy.

to bed to bed too tied to focus.....mag

good morning. Late today. It's 11:32 in Ann Arbor. My identity is all on my profile Thanks for the clues. I see that Joekayak and PBaldy got it yesterday. Us second and third stringers haven't a chance. cool

Hamlette, I am not going there. One game a day, no more...Otherwise, I have a problem.

Hamlette, I not only write down the clues when I'm stuck, but I write them all down from the very beginning (in black). Any bright ideas or cards that I question as I go along I write in red. I have a little Solitaire notebook! As for the Archives, I'll forget that that even exists! It could be fun -- if I had absolutely nothing else to do. As it is, I'm struggling to keep some balance and moderation in my life as far as Solitaire Craving goes! Don't always succeed!! smile Like today!! smile

And no, pchang, you gave up your life when you started here. Have you found the archives yet? It's the only place where you can get least moves and have it last! We weren't as good back in 2006/7. Be careful if you start though. . . fair warning.

Susan, after I found 149 I couldn't repeat it. I finally had to write down "don't bring down the 3" so when I got to try it later I wouldn't keep making the same mistake. I wasn't able play for long at a time (someone had to play Buzz Lightyear with Max which consists of long drawn out, loud dying scenes when he shoots me with his "laser"). Speaking of which, do we all write down the clues when we're stuck or am I OCD or something?

I have a life... or do I really?

sorry, I had left to clue way before to bring down the 2. That was before Hamlettes great clue of the 9 first and the 3 straight over.

and the 2 plays over. I had originally been bringing that down.

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