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Game #1747, Generated on January 29, 2011

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Evenin all...just time enough to finish the puzzle..been under the weather the past few I have no voice...goin back to bed...

You do not need to bring down 4 spade to get 137.

You're funny, too, Donna! "Sadly you have been infected by our group addiction." That's a great way to put it! smile

Did you do everything I said above? And also play 2s and 3s straight up? Those are easy to miss. Good luck William...sadly you have been infected by our group addiction smile

Help, anyone. I'm making 2 unnecessary moves and i don't know where - beginning, middle, end?

OK I'm back (God knows why), and played your way. That's how I got 139, and I don't get any lower. Thanks Susan.

William, et al: Make sure you're playing the 6 first. Also, at the end, you don't have to move the 9 or the 9. Play ON them, but don't move them. Spaces for the black Kings are created "naturally" by cards playing up. Gotta go do some work! smile BBL

Got it, Donna! Thank you, thank you! smile William, you're funny! "I play this game all day - it's becoming a problem." I know exactly what you mean! smile I'm trying to figure out how to discipline myself (HA! HA!) and only play at certain times and for a certain amount of time. I have SO much work to do around the house and with the kitties' account and their living areas . . . it's becoming a problem for me, also! smile Anyway, it's probably a good thing to take a break and come back fresh later. Maybe that'll help!! Don't give up and don't disappear on us!! smile

William. Do NOT play it over. Bring it down ontothe 5s. Keep on playing til the 4 appears on the pile. Continuing playing other cards in the deck..but meanwhile the 4 is still there. You just have to trust that. It never goes near the 5s..neither one does..only 5s. 4 stays on the pile while you move the cards around and get to the point where 4s plays up..then you immediately bring it down.

Not for me! I don't get it donna. 4 plays over. It doesn't come down if you want to put the 4 on the 5 . I have to go. I play this game all day - it's becoming a problem.

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