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Game #1666, Generated on November 9, 2010

Played a total of 2156 times by 308 registered members. Finished by 292 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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That's what I was playing 57FC, 5 on the 6 and 9 on 10. The 117 is about what doesn't need to come down. I'll give you a play by play if you'd rather not move on from this one. It does go together somewhat effortlessly if you don't miss any of the obvious moves...

Usedart, in case you come back and read this ~ Now that I see that you're a speed demon, maybe you can just tell me if you're playing the 5 on the 6 and the 9 on the 10 smile

Sorry, usedart, I was so focused on trying to get through the no-flip that I forgot to rate your comments. I usually approach a "no-flip" with trepidation because, for some reason, they end up being a struggle for me. Even though I didn't get to 117, I did make it through the no-flip and lowered my score by 6 moves. smile Not finding the last moves in any game is really frustrating but I better move on to other things! Thanks again!!

No problem, glad to help. All I ask is you give me a helpful rating... Thanks!

Thanks so much, usedart! smile I just saw your comment. I'll get back to this game later and give it another crack with your input!

Just got the 117. It is an easy no-flip and all you have to do is play it as it comes down... (3 on the 4 for the 2 will get you started on the right track)

57 FC, I'm also surprised that nobody would give the slightest clue on this one. I just got back to it and am finding out that the key to the 117 is through the no flip. I wasted a good hour or so trying it with a flip of the cards...

LarryT - I am in Carmel - just northern sub of Indy. Can I come with you on your cruise? LOL

Out of the eight people who got down to 117, is there not ONE who could throw us a crumb of a clue to this SO easy game? The ones in need of your help certainly are not a threat to your ranking! smile

129 moves -- oh well.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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