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Game #1614, Generated on September 18, 2010

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this game is running crazy

Yes, it can be VERY frustrating! Fizz helped me out a couple of days ago when I was so irritated I was ready to "spit nails"! Thanks again! AND how's your dad? I hope each day finds him a little better! smile

No problem 57.. I know how you go mad when you just want to figure it out lol! I did myself yesterday til I got tons of help smilesilence

Yes, I had been playing the 4 on the black 5 all along as Jac said in her clue. When you said to play the 4 on the 5, I thought maybe I had misunderstood. I didn't realize that you were "recyling" the 5 AFTER the 4 played up. O.K.! So I finally got to that plateau -- being able to play the K and 6! Not sure where I'm going wrong after that since I only came down to 131. But that's only six from the best score and is a lot better than what I had! smile Thanks, Donna!

You aren't playing 4s first.. read Jac's clues. right at the beginning of the game.. 4s on the black 5..then 3s on that but not to put the 2s on it I said above. It will play up and then you bring down 4s onto 5s..Keep 5 free to go up so when 4 appears you play up 5 and then there is 6 right behind it and it goes up too. All when the Ks comes down

Thanks, Donna! I got all of those, but that still doesn't allow me to play the 6 and the K before the flip. And if you play the 4 first, how do you play up the 3, 4, and 5 in the first round?

On 5s you put 4s and 3s to expose the A so it plays right up and then you move 2 from pile over to there and play up the 3 which is now showing on far right pile

yes...right at the beginning you put the 6s on 7s..and it has 5s on it

Does anything play on the 7?

You should have already put up all the spades to 4.. then 5 goes up.. If you bring down 8 and Ks then there is 6 in the pile ready to play over.

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