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Congratulations Jeffy!

You solved this easy puzzle in 4 minutes and 39 seconds with 143 attempts.

Ib, you are TOO FUNNY!!!!! smile smile

Mislanny. I did in fact have a good fight with the Head Nurse , big as a house she got so mad at me one evening that she put her fingers in the elastics of her huge underpants and let it go with a bang . It did not help that I collapsed on my bed unable to breathe because I was laughing so hard . We did however become good friends in the end.
Cheers Ib

I just read this article in the LA Times about Pensacola Beach (that's what made me think about usedart) and this entire thing is just breaking my heart:

A gulf boat captain committed suicide...a clean-up worker committed suicide. It must be devastating for those who have to see it every day. The rest of us hear snippets and see little photos and are angry but it's nothing like having it in one's backyard!!

Thanks for your concern Donna and usedart. All's clear now. Lots of debris, leaves and tree branches down in my neighborhood from the 70 mph gusts and golf ball size hail. I did not venture out tonight to see what happened elsewhere. No tornadoes hit Minneapolis.

Everyone says the bathroom is the safest room in the house, but not the case in my new place. I feel quite safe because of the cement block construction, but there are lots of windows and skylights and the upper level hallways have glass floors. The bathroom is the only room that is completely drywall without cement block walls, so not the safest. I figured out it's my laundry room that's going to be the tornado room. No windows, cement block walls, poured concrete ceiling...a true bunker!

(I'd rather deal with all the hurricanes I've experienced rather than endure one nasty tornado)

Also, try to stay safe as you can through the inclement weather... I'd rather deal with the all the hurricanes I've experienced rather than one nasty tornado...

Misslanny, Pensacola Beach is about five miles away from my house. I'm a few blocks inland from the bay here in Pensacola and the oil has slowly been seeping into the intracoastal waterways of my backyard. I'm originally from Destin, Fl. and when the oil hits those beaches as it has here, you'll really hear a louder outrage than you have so far...

Ib, I hope you are doing OK. Glad to be home from the hospital??? I hope you didn't give the nurses too bad a time. Ha Ha!! smile

Hi lilybelle! Welcome!! I also play late and miss the early morning chatter. I don't play until at least noon and somedays not till 7-8-9 PM or later. There are a few of us on late and some of the early birds come back to check the chat later in the evening or check back the following day. I started last fall and am learning verrrrry slowly, but having a lot of fun and making great new friends.

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