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Game #141, Generated on October 30, 2006

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Speaking of turning the clocks back in the US, I read in yesterday's paper, that next year we will be turning the clocks back on the first Saturday in November. Which gives the little ones an extra hour of daylight on Halloween.

I think all the hints work as there are at least two completely different ways of finishing the game but I'm not sure how I (tempoarily) took fewer moves than emm.
The downside of turning back the clocks is that after a glorious sunny day here in southern England it was starting to get dark by 5.30. But at least we dont have the fun that Australians have when their clocks change (see Saam's post in the forum).

That was a tough one. Concerntrate all your efforts on the right hand side of the screen.

Alinka- I knew that some other countries observe Daylight Savings but I didn't know that it was the same weekend. smile

Emm- There are some other easy rated games that drive me insane! I've managed them once but they totally stump me!

Since I had a hard time with this one, I have to say, I disagree with the hints above, I moved the J to the Q and started two runs on both jacks. I didn't play any cards on the 6 or the 5.

Stacy G - not only in US you had to turn back the clock wink

You guys always amaze me when you mark some games as easy! I got blocked and had to hit the restart button so many times, I had this game memorized before I made it all the way through!

The Jack of Hearts is easy to guess.The real key is playing the 5 first, not the 5, in my humble opinion! I goofed up a couple of moves so will have to lower my moves when I have time later.

vampje: the only thing you have to remember is to place the Jack of Hearts on the first black queen.

argh. i beat it once by accident, now i can not finish it againsad

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