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Game #1406, Generated on February 25, 2010

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I would venture to say before the flip if you're moving those 3 cards at the start. Like I said only 2 need to be moved.

I am confused as usual. I have had a bad case of last moveitis for lo these many months. I tried and tried to make only two sideways moves with the starting cards before the flip which I believe was the clue. I end up moving the King and Queen and the 6 and of course end up with 130 every time. I also move the 9 under the 6 but of course that wasn't showing so is not included in the formula. after the flip I am careful to only bring down said cards which is three club cards and to not make any sideways movements until they absolutely have to be made. So my confused question. is my mistake before or after the flip. I am really stretching this learning curve to it max.

Suzy, prayers, hugs and love going out to you and Al.

Why is it that the "shortest" way seems like it's also the hardest way? Thanks for the hint Fizz.

Thank you once again Fizz for the cryptic insight. Also, please disregard my audacity as I'm new here and I've no idea who is who amongst the elite, though I'm quickly learning... Furthermore, "less is more, more or less"... I'll take that into account during my pursuit of this puzzle's 129... Sweet dreams to you my SC friend...

Yup I'm here, and I refuse to come back until the weather warms back up outside. Time to say good night. Now if I could just dream about that island that would be sweet. smile

Fizz! You got to the island first!!!!! We're all coming, just have a pina colada and make sure the wireless works!

Larryt, you have to understand that with this game you are rewarded the most for turning as many games as you can into a hard game.

That clue was inspired by jac clue from the other day.
But I'm not saying none of the cards need to be moved. In fact, 2 of the cards showing are the only cards that need to move the first time through the deck. Hence, less is more.

If I were to guess, those of you at 130 are probably moving a card that's showing from the start.

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