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Game #1396, Generated on February 15, 2010

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Just doing a late night check-in to say hello. Donna, sorry to hear about your Dad, will be praying for him and for wisdom for the Drs. Glad your Aunt is with you. Hope she can stay for a while! Blessings and hugs <3

mykl...Donna is the essence of SC. Look who is most popular...=Donna.

Good night all...thanks for all the clues.....Donna...try and get some rest..It's good of your Aunt to be with you...hope you are feeling better too.................................... least they know whats is a plus.....some good news at least....we will continue to pray....stay strong.....

Well I'm 2 moves off you guys and could probably squeeze some seconds with some memorization, but i ain't touching Luigi's time (tha's crazy quick!) so I'm gonna grill steaks now cheerful
Donna, i don't know you (or anybody here, really) but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad.
Have a wonderful Valentines day, everybody!

Well they have discovered that is my dad's heart.. it was functioning at such a low level which is why he was so ill. They haven't results from the echo yet.. but tuesday he will be sent to another hospital for a specialized test to map the heart..she said the name, but I couldn't understand what she was saying exactly.. I am assuming angiogram but I don't know. So we will know more after that. He is in intensive care for now and has his own nurse who is very nice and doesn't mind my calling and asking for news. smile His godson is there now..I am waiting to hear from him. Thanks mcrgirl and to all of you for the prayers, good thoughts and good wishes smile!! silencesilencesilencesilence My aunt came and stayed with me so I would fret less..and it helped. smile

MCR Girl the last move is really sneaky. There is a way to wait for the 5 before you move the 4.

DONNA.......any late news on your Dad yet????....hope he's OK....

Thank you for the tip, Dilip! It's amazing how unintuitive the path can be... at least for me smile Gonna give this a go

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