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Game #1392, Generated on February 11, 2010

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Sorry for coming back so late, but it took me awhile to refigure out that last move. 2 plays over straight. That needs the 9 and 8 first. Another tip, when referencing a past game if you put an @ and # just before the game number it will create a link to that game. Like #1390.

It just doesn't seem right to have to flip 3 times....the and at the very end having to move Q and J

Thanks Pa..I do have the 6 and 6 playing up straight...I have to flip through the pile 3 get back to all the hearts

mcr girl I'm not fizz but if I recall the 6 plays straight up but you have some other move to make in the last pile. If you leave the 6 the rest fell in place.

Hey Fizz...If you're still around...any hints for the last move on game 1390.....

This game doesn't deserve to be rated sad if the experts can't do it, then I don't feel so bad. no snow for me to complain or brag about, so I just complain about solitaire being smarter than me. sad
the cards must be against me.

So, so close. My kingdom for the 4. I think that might do it.

Well, I hope all are safe, sound and warm ( or cool) . I am getting very tired of all this cold snowy weather. It makes me feel sluggish - at least that is what I tell myself when I can't get lower moves and better time. LOL See all of you tomorrow....hope for a better game then. smile

This one has so many ways to get to the same place.

Dee - that looks fabulous! You have talent! I love watercolors although I don't think a snow scene would be welcome right now. Norm - have you ever been accused of being evil? Save some of that good weather for me! Coming down on the 18 of Feb!

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