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Hi Lynne, tell your son he's got many fans on this site!! Still so sad after the Chairman of our local Little League (53 yrs old) while driving drunk at 8pm (5 weeks ago), hit a responsible 22 yr old from our community and broke his spine. The 22 yr old will never walk again and has minimal use of his arms. The 53 yr old didn't have a scratch on him and apart from being booked that night, has been walking around free while he waits for trial. I guess he didn't learn from a previous drunk driving charge, when he was only fined $100!!!!!!

Lynne...I am very proud that your son made the right decision...everyone may remember that almost 2 years ago, I lost a niece and her her young children to a drunk driver going in the wrong direction on the highway. Never drink and drive!


Hi Lynne - just think how much it could have cost if he got in that car ... more then money !! Good for him .. I know when i was young i was not so smart.. hugs!

Good for him Lynne. My husband was seriously hurt in an accident a year before we were married because he and his buddies had been out drinking and his buddy slammed into a concrete bridge. Luckily, no one was killed. So when my kids were driving age, I always told them to call - no matter what time it was, and we would come and get them. They did a couple of times. Then they finally decided it was better to stay home if they wanted to do any drinking. They had friends who to this day still say they were thankful we were the kind of parents who just came anad picked them up...of course, they were always so sick the next day, that was a better punishment than anything I could devise. <gr>

Congratulations on raising a conscientious son! When my kids reached driving age I told them what had happened to me as a freshman in college. Coming back to campus from a party I saw a car pass me on my right and thought, "What the hell is wrong with that idiot!" Then I realized I was on the wrong side of a divided highway. I pulled into a gas station and informed my buds we were walking back to campus because I was obviously in no condition to be behind the wheel. My friends protested and offered to drive. I responded, "I was on the wrong side of the road for who knows how long AND NONE OF YOU NOTICED!" End of story. We walked. I told my kids about that because all I could think of was the poor guy in the other car who came close to being killed or maimed by some idiot who was driving drunk.

I did Donna, and emailed you, just hadn't been on line till now!

uhm fizzbut.. but I am sure he didn't notice lol smile

Thank you for the encouragement Donna! It is keeping me up at night (yawn) and I have recently given up, in this order, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku. They all became easy after awhile. Am hoping this will too (after awhile!) and I then I can beat Fuzz.Ha Ha.

You are going about it right misslanny! That's what we all did. I am jealous..all those untouched games ahead of you smilesmile:

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