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christinez, how marvelous that your grandmother's sister could be a part of the service through technology!!!!! I would sure like to know how they do that. Wish I could have done that for my Mom and Dad's funeral services. I made it back to PA from CA to visit with each of them when they were close to death, but I couldn't make the trip again for their funerals. My brother and sister -- both back there -- told me I shouldn't come back again, that I came at the right time. If they hadn't told me that without me even asking, I probably would have felt guilty for not doing so, but with their blessing, I felt okay about it. Still, when I stop to think about it, it seems terrible not to have been at MY PARENT'S funerals! Most of their friends had already died, though, and they just had a Catholic Mass for each of them. No viewing except for the PA family members, about 5 of them! My sister told me the songs they had chosen, and I just tried to be with them all in spirit for the hour that the service would have been held in PA and sing the songs here.

it is really something how much technology is doing ((((( )))))) Christine even if she was 95 and all that you still need a hug .wow Lynne sounds like you had a lot of fun way to go gal .

That sounds amazing Lynne !!!

Good day all. Knitter! So glad you have brought such good news. Donna - huggers! Get well quickly. What will we do if we have an unsolvable game and cranky pants doesn't show up? The Red Hat weekend was beyond belief! I have never, ever seen so many feathers, sequins, rhinestones, gowns and whatever in one place at one time, 98% in purple or red with some what is known as Pink Hats, those under 50! I laughed until I cried, I danced until I was too tired to dance, sat down and then got up and danced again. We had so much fun!

What wonderful news Knitter!!!! (((((Donna))))).

Hi everyone. Knitter that's wonderful! smile smile smile

We miss you Donna. Take care and get better soon. ((((((((((Donna)))))))))) smile silence smile

Yesterday I experienced the most incredible thing. My grandmother passed last week (no need to be sad - she was 92 and her book was full). The incredible thing was that they set it up so people could dial in from all over the world and listen. Her 96 year old sister couldn't make the trip from Canada - but she was able to hear the service from home! Just amazing. Technology is an incredible thing smile

Great News Knitter!

Sure miss Donna's comments - even the cranky pants ones smile

OK - with Lou's clue - it was a cinch. thanks - It would have taken me a few more tries without the clue! Have a great day cravers.

Happy for you Knitter! Prayers for Donna! And Koko-bean - now I have to keep trying--

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