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Game #1241, Generated on September 13, 2009

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A positive attitude is everything Mom!

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that the percentage of serious Solitaire Craving players who are ex-smokers is WAY above that of the general population. So far above, in fact, that I suspect some sort of self-selection at work here. But that's fine with me, as I see that as increasing my chances of quitting long term. Thanks everyone !!

Thanks once again Fizz. To do it without flipping you reverse the order of the black kings and red tens.

Haven't been able to find the no flipper but unless someone figures out 125 I'm not going to bother. Way to go Mom. Did my royal clue help? smile Cheer up Tammie. There's still a lot of football left to play and they're looking good.

My "moment of joy" was at an outdoor play. Someone about 4 rows back started peeling and eating an orange. It was like I'd never really smelled one before. Then it occurred to me I could smell it because I'd quit smoking.

finally got a noflipper and didn't get lower.. how the heck did I manage that lol

Mom, one last piece of advice. Every time I wanted a Ciggy I would tell myself, "Well, that was just a thought!" and walk away into another room or to some other distraction. I still say"That was just a thought" to remind myself that it isn't/wasn't a CRAVING! I should be a poster child for quitting smoking! Never, Never ever thought I could quit! my # is 850-624-7322. Call me in the middle of the night if you are tempted smoke and I've give you a friendly slap! You can do it!

It's a no flipper?? lol Geesh I can't get that low flipping or not!!! Will try to figure out a noflipper though just for fun smile Thanks rock!!! You want to know what shallow thing gave me the most joy when I first quit??Such a silly thing. When I was at a party I didn't have to figure out how to juggle a cigarette along with the food and a drink LOL!!! There were so many other more important things. When I quit it was cause I had 3 months with no voice..and they told me I would have to quit there was no decision there. Turned out it wasn't just from the smoking..but it sure didn't help.

Or Mom. See, stopping smoking makes you smarter! I smoked for 40 years. Stopped 5 years (and 10 pounds) ago. Small price to pay. Now I feel sorry for smokers. I still chew the Nicotine gum. Might never give that up.

I can get 127 with or without a flip but not 126. I'm assuming you are flipping to get to 126. Is that right Fizz?

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