Game #1218
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 0:00
Moves: 0

Ho-Hum - try-try- try as I might - my time of 141 nets me 145 moves. Note to self - Fizz is the master
Night all

Hi All! Wish I could be on every morning,But being the best and newest Baby Banker is cool. Love you all , haven't even read the days posts, but hugs and prayers for those that need and Love & kisses to all!.

141 in 1:41 but no whistles, bells, sirens, or flashing lights. Darn. It's like when I go to the grocery store and it rings up exactly on the dollar and I ask "do I win something?" And all they do is look at me like I'm crazy.

First time through play everything as you can except wait for the K. Second time through all about not moving or bringing down cards you don't have to. I will add J first.

Silly silly silly. Lucky I didn't read that until after I found 141 or I might have cracked under the pressure. smile I think I've used and unused and then used and unused about all the clues, I'll have to stop and figure out what I ended up with. Though I do know the K clue Pairagoose gave was a big key.

"Great Man" ????? No pressure Fizz smile lol

Sorry - struck me funny

Ah, not too far from Dunlop which is a darling town. My parents rented East Langdon Farm (fancy name for a house.) They liked it there better than Helensburgh (where they thought there were too many American military types. Since my Dad and hubby are/were both military it was nothing against the military, it was just that they didn't feel like they were living in an exotic place!) Dad worked on the nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy so there must be some naval yards around there someplace.
Sleep well. I'm off too. I'll have to try again later when we see if Fizz takes it lower.

Gotta go before my Husband starts to complain that it's time for bed, nite nite

Live on the outskirts of Paisley, got a great view of the Old Kilpatrick hills and the Campsies can see Ben Lomond too, can't quite see Helensburgh only the hills in the background.

What a lucky escape for them and you! I would give you a clue, but as the Great Man hasn't turned up I'll leave it just now. Although I'm sure you will figure it out soon enough! LOL Jac xxx

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