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Game #1202, Generated on August 5, 2009

Played a total of 1916 times by 182 registered members. Finished by 120 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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How come I don't got it?!?!?

Yahoo! You got it! smile

Ok.. christinez is right..but you must bring down the 3 onto the 4s at the beginning! smile

Oh pooh Fizzbut... you aren't silly enough lol smilesmile!!!

Christinez' clue is good. Congrats on the award SuzyQ. Personally my dream is to win the Donna Wanna Be of the Day Award! smile

Christinez..I think that is your problem not getting lower moves.. I think you do need to bring down the Q. Mind you I might be wrong as I am short one move..but I lost several moves when I don't bring it down. You are probably long ago in bed. And hey SuzyQ cheerful) silencesilencesilence:

Oh, christinez, do you live in California, too? Can't believe someone else is up at 11:40 p.m. like me!!! I'm definitely NO relation to Fizzbut. I usually can't even figure out his cryptic clues because I'm so dense. But I WILL be glad to accept the Fizzbut Wanna Be Tip of the Day Award for today! Thanks. At my age, there aren't too many awards I qualify for! wink Good night to anyone still online.

Off to bed with a disastrous 142! Can't remember when I've been THAT far off from lowest moves.

WhatLuck, I graciously and gratefully took a very welcome hug, several prayers, a few tears, three flowers, and some grace. Thanks for the precious gifts. There are plenty left in the box for everyone else. And I am adding my own love and prayers for all of you.

NOW... to the game before I go to sleep to see if luigi's clues are of any help. Not too many clues left tonight for those of us who could use them. Guess the big guys are really into the competition for the top spots more than usual. Or maybe they found something more addicting than solitaire (or Facebook as did redru!)

Awesome Point SuzyQ smile Are you and Fizzbut related??? You get the Fizzbut Wanna Be tip of the day award smile

Not meant to offend anyone smile All in good fun - it's almost tomorrow so I better go to bed now. I hate sleeping in hotels. sad at least this one has reliable internet smile

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Scores and rankings

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2015-12-03 20:34:00

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