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Thanks to ALL of you for your prayers. Please keep praying, as Debbie is "not out of the woods" yet. WhatLuck, your comment 2 days ago about the fact that we are holding hands around the world praying was "right on," and always the way I feel when someone needs all of our prayers -- which seems like way too often lately, though! Was sorry to hear about Annette's passing, yet I am grateful that she went in her sleep and that she now no longer suffers but is undoubtedly rejoicing in a new, wonderful, and glorious life! Debbie told my son that God had talked to her when she was so sick last week, and that she was OK with dying, and really thought she was going to do so, yet when the time came to hook her up to "life support" she didn't act like she was ready to give in. Personally I don't believe God is going to "let her off that easy" from this world so soon. I believe He has a lot more years for her here on this earth to do His work and take care of her family. I am waiting for an update from my son today and will go to see her this afternoon. She has had a very severe case of pneumonia the doctor said. It seemed to finally stabilize after a day and a half on the ventilator, and an X-ray yesterday showed she finally had improved a little rather than continuing to get worse. They tried to take her off the ventilator yesterday but they had to put her back on it as she still couldn't breathe after she coughed. I ask for your continued prayers. I love all of you. Will play a quick game today before I go to the hospital. I'll see if I can catch you! It's been a long time since I've done that.

Awesome clues Vivien.. it was the Qs that clinched the no flipper...I can swim again smilesmilesmile!! silencesilencesilence

Great article Larrysmilesmilesmile

You guys are the best smile I think I need to play late more often - I get clues to get me to bling again! smile smile smile Better go to bed now before I mess it up somehow!

I knew there was more but didn't expect a no flipper. The strange part is the no flipper only saved 2 moves. Of course it's a no flipper because there's nothing left to flip.

K 1st, then K, Q 1st.

I like this game smile

Thanks Larry for a great article!

I was always using those clues.. there must be a whole lot else between that and a no flipper. Good thing I am not a seal or a dolphin.. flipperless!!!!!!!!!!!!! dizzysadtongue

Thanks Nano and Fizz !!! Couldn't have done it without your clues !!!

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