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Game #1134, Generated on May 30, 2009

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Oh, WhatLuck- will definitely add your friend - and you- to my prayer list-which lately seems to be getting filled with Solitaire players. Let's hope that all will be better soon.

My prayers are going to your friend WhatLuck.

Hi all, first time getting on today and it's 5 minutes til midnight! May be out of touch for a day or two. Friend is in ICU. Undiagnosed until the MRIs today revealed brain tumors (3). I am exhausted and heartsick. Any spare prayers out there, please send them up for Annette. Hugs to my world family!

Checking in late as usual smile Christinez, I like the strawberry shortcake idea & thanks for doing the temp translation from c to f - I still can only think in farenheit! I'm hanging with the 140 group - don't think I'll ever find the other 3 moves!!

Thanks Twinkle - I feel better. Nothing like putting my foot in my mouth first thing in the morning sad kind of funny - I can find lots of ways to get a bunch more moves than 137 - but I can't get lower than 140. Go figure. I know - My brain needs food - I'll go have some fresh strawberry shortcake - with lots of cool whip. I'll send all my cool thoughts to Diane who is frying at 115 degrees! Yikes - I thought it was bad yesterday at 100 - and it's still spring

Emm and Christinez - I thought it was a no flipper too, but then realized it was a 1-flipper. Glad I didn't comment before I realized it, but I certainly don't mind being in you two's company!

I was wrong about the no flip - the first time went so fast I missed it. smile Sorry - my bad. I feel much better after a bit of a nap - now I'll try to catch up to you low move people. It's back to work on Monday - vacation is over - blah

I think the no flipper was just a rumor. It's taking one flip.

A NO FLIPPER!!! You've GOT to be kidding! I got on early today for a quick try and couldn't even solve it the first time. At least the 2nd time I finished it -- even if my moves were ghastly. I'm definitely losing my solitaire powers, but don't intend to stop playing. I haven't seen a star for low moves in SOOOOO long. Hi to all. Will have to try again later or another day.

TKO, hope you're planning a busy, fun, but also relaxing retirement. I'm sure there will be some bittersweet moments -- but I'm also sure you'll probably adjust quickly!

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