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Game #1128, Generated on May 24, 2009

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I got 129 with 1 flip. Interesting

No flipper all the way. As to your earlier comment on your clues. Let me clarify that the 4 can play up straight. I brought down the 4 onto the 5 and then moved it to the 5.

Fizz, Nano, or Fab...riddle me this? Does 129 or 130 stay a no-flipper?

Wow! Michelle that was great advice for SuzyQ. We all need somebody to lean on. Going back to find my music mix of "Lean on Me". Tomorrow all. Hugs!

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers and support and big hug (WhatLuck) from so many of you so quickly. Nack, thanks for a quiet chuckle and smile. smile It was only the new Night at the Museum. Oh, well.... Solitaire Group Therapy. I like that. Someone had another term awhile back that I liked, too. It's SO hilarious that we all have turned what was supposed to be a game that you played basically by yourself when you were bored into our own multi-player game -- and so much more! -- thanks to our mystery friend, Adam, who keeps himself so well hidden since he gave us the game. He must think we're all a bunch of nuts, huh?!? We know better, though, don't we? We're all a bunch of loving, caring people, who can never have too many friends, and who have our own little way of working (playing?) toward international peace and love. As for the game, I only got 140 without clues, and did worse WITH clues??? Guess I'm one crazy woman! Oh, tomorrow's the night Al and I are supposed to do our ministry at the local women's jail -- which he has been doing about once every 3 months for the past 12 years and I have been doing with him for 5 years. He can't go without his driver's license -- and he had the message all planned. Now I've got to get something together, and hope we can find someone else to go with me. I was totally inspired the last two times and totally took it over. He always prays the most awesome prayers, though. Usually we have a lot more planned than we ever have time for. So much depends upon the size and the makeup of each group -- and, of course, the way God Himself leads us. The song verse, "My life is in You Lord, my strength is in You Lord, my hope is in You Lord, in You, it's in You" just popped into my head. Maybe I'll work backwards from that song, or "You are my strength when I am weak, You are the Treasure that I seek, You are my All in All!" and find a reading from the Bible that go along with them. My life testimony of late would certainly go along with those. Usually we start with a passage from the Bible and go from there. I guess I'd better sign off and get my spiritual thoughts together and hope I find someone to go with me. Holiday weekend may not be good. Luvya all!

How wonderful to have had those years! And ...

This is a nice group for you, of course, and seeking professional support is better. Venting is only a temporary fix, not a long-term solution. Since you're feeling overwhelmed and sad and confused, a group will meet your needs for mutuality and clarity and to be seen and heard. Individual work will provide a safe place to land. You might want to consider making calls as soon as possible - right after the holiday weekend.

SuzyQ, that better have been a good movie!

SuzyQ, you obviously needed to vent and what broad shoulders this group has. We all have our little sack of rocks to tote around, but we'll all lift a little off your shoulders when it gets too much for you to bear.(((((((((((((Suzy)))))))))))))))))! Donna taught me that! It was a big hug! Maybe we should rename this site Solitaire Group Therapysmile Check out my profile for my email address. My Mom is in the later stages of Alzheimer's. I've been there and deal with it every day! Chin up! silence

OMG, what a nightmare. I feel so bad for you. You did a great job covering the losses though. And you're going to need to keep doing that. You are very brave, and I will keep you in my thoughts !!!

Hello SuzyQ, sorry to hear of your current situation. Glad your headache went away though smile You'll be in my prayers!

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