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Game #1115, Generated on May 11, 2009

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Well, I couldn't get close to a no flipper in my 2 games. Actually had 2 more moves the 2nd game. Your clues are getting too cryptic for me! Off to bed.... Will have to try again another day.

WhatLuck, that was nice of you to give donna the name Queen Mother, but she'll have to share it with me! I've been the Queen Mother in my family for many years. My older daughter was the Queen and the younger the Princess. So of course, I became the Queen Mother. I was (am) also "Supermom." I have been insisting for quite a few years now that "Supermom has changed her name," as I don't really feel so very super a lot of the time, as the years have been going by so quickly, but they just seem to keep requiring me to keep the name AND keep up with everything. Whew! That's why I didn't mind at all just relaxing today. I had just been with my daughters and daughter-in-law, and future daughter-in-law Friday night for the latter's bridal shower, and had just seen my older son and grandchildren 2 days earlier. However, I was a little bummed out when he didn't even call to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad! The youngest finally called about 9 p.m. My older son's wife had to work at her 2nd job today, so he was probably a little bummed out himaelf. Here she's a mother with 4 children and she can't even be with them on Mother's Day. Oh, friends who believe in the power of prayer, please pray for my son, Chris, who has 2 job interviews this week, that 1 of them works out. He was laid off before Thanksgiving. The job situation is not good at all here in CA. They don't have enough money to pay their mortgage anymore and may be forced out of their house soon. Sad, but no one of the rest of our small family is able to help either. Everyone's just trying to hang in there at this time. Must try to play my 2nd game for the day and go to bed. It's after midnight.

Whatluck, if that is you in the avatar picture - you sure don't look like an old girl to me!! You look like just a baby!! lol

The last part of my comment got cut off - I agree with Whatluck - happy honorary mother's day to you Donna! smileX)X)X

Donna, I'm sorry I missed your comment today! I didn't stay on long, just enough to play quick and leave a comment! Thanks for your well wishes. Danielle's conservatory classes had their grand finale tonight and it was great fun watching all the kids! A great way to spend mother's day!!
Thanks to everyone else for mother's day greetings to all of us moms! It meant a lot to me and I'm sure the other moms appreciated it too. And I agree with Whatluck Donna - happy honorary motherhood to you!! smileX)X)X

I've had underwater sex, but underwater pics, I'm not very good at. I'm not a great photographer like you............I hope you know that was a joke. And I don't have the skills or the equipment.. My Friend Linda and I flew to the Turks & Caicos last year. I bought underwater cameras. I should have spent the money on booze or Spas!

Oh snorkeling WhatLuck..that sounds like heaven. Can you take underwater pix and post them here??

Oh Pa, Mom is ok..she has been travelling a lot to and from Florida and no time for chat, but she is fine and appreciated being missed smilesmilesilence!!!

Wonderful clues Pa and fizz.. got me down lower but not lowest. That's ok smile Thanks a million Patricia and SuzyQ!! Makes me feel less of an oddball smilesilencesilence

Emm, thanks for letting me borrow your iris for a day! Hugs & Kisses!

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