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Game #1100, Generated on April 26, 2009

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LOL. Thanks WhatLuck. And thanks for the advice. When my son was little he took a bottle of 409 cleaner, a rag and a magic marker. He made a number "4" on every different surface he could find then tried to wash it off. He was in the kitchen so it came off everything but the wall, his shorts, and his arm. Almost broke my heart to sell that house with the 4 on the wall.

Hamlette, we used to sell chalkboard paint when I was in business. It's pretty straight forward. Shake it well and use a foam, mini-roller to put it on with. You can use a brush, but streaking is more likely. I suggest you take off an area (say 24" X 24"), give it a couple of good coats. Let dry well 24 hrs or so, then make a molding to border it or buy a cheap picture frame to put up. I've had customers that painted a wall in their child's room and the child colored in Mom's bedroom, grandma's dining room and anywhere else she wanted to; so be careful what you teach them!

Judy, I also can't get as low moves using fizz's clues. It's a pretty exasperating way to have to go nighty nite, isn't it? AARRGGHH!!! Oh, well, tomorrow's another day -- and another game, hopefully NOT an "Impossible," as it seems we often have on Sundays!

LOL, I know just how you feel.

Glad you made it on yesterday's Hamlette. Or am I glad you didn't find lower again. smile

K or K first, doesn't matter. You bring the 6 down to get back to the 2. 6 plays straight up.

Well that was worse. I don't get how the 6 helped. Which K first Fizzbut?

7 helped me get my moves down into the 130's but now I'll try the Clubs clue. Thanks fizzy :0

I did owe you Jacqueline. I had a devil of a time finding 143 but I took a break to get magnetic paint and chalk board paint for my grandson's room. Has anyone ever used either product? I've done magnetic paint before, its a kick. Magnets stick to the whole wall. Love it. But I've never done chalk board before. Anyway, when I came back, I saw my mistake immediately.

7, 7, 6 first for starters.

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