Game #1097
Difficulty: Hard
Time: 0:00
Moves: 0

Thank you Jacqueline!!! You're amazing!! Love ya..... xoxoxox smile

Wow, thanks Jac. "Brilliant" as they say in the UK smile

5 on 6 TY Jacxxx I was lost and confused.

Thanks JP! I owe you!

that got me down 6 pts thank you very much. I still have an awful score..but not SO awful lol xox

Oh my you certain did try... thank you jac. Sorry if I sounded a bit crazed there lol Bad day... I hope I can think this through and do you proud.

Donna, this is a complicated game to explain the order of kings are K K K, K plays to the dog pile at the end of the game, and there are a few of switches on the following piles 6 & 6 and 5 & 5. Once the 4 has played up moved the 4 over onto 5 this will let you play up the 5. When you put the 5 on 6 move the 4 up from the 5 ply up 5, then move 5 onto 6 and then play 6 &7 and then everything else!!! Well I've tried. good luck

For the love of God..will no one else give more clues???????????????????????dizzy

5 on 6 and leave 3 & 4 H up, play out hearts first before D

Hats of to you Dilip for getting that one so quickly!!! That was hard slog of a game!!!!!!!!!!!

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