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Game #1054, Generated on March 12, 2009

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Piece of Cake - Again!

Harumph! At least we now know who is NOT a gentleman! My bling! He stole my bling!

I don't remember ever seeing double double bling. Thanks Fizz for not going lower and taking mine. And luigi is a gentleman, he'll do the same, stay at 1.10 so as to not steal my pretties.

puff puff pant pant wag wag, time for a nap in the sun. Those of you who combined to figure this one out are alpha dogs of the day. TY for the clues.

Well i caught luigi briefly yesterday, but I see he didn't let that rest. Don't worry luigi, I'm going back to work tomorrow and should be pretty busy for a week or so. (not that I won't try) I'll be going back to late night cluing if it's necessary since Nano's back. Have fun everyone.

Nano I would never yell at anyone for leaving clues, but I imagine sometimes it's a good thing there aren't any mikes on after I leave some of my clues. smile besides all you did was clarify my clue, I thought I might have left one.

Well Hamlette, let's see how bad luigi feels taking away double stars from 2 people.

No problem donna, it may have even been too much. Fizz might yell at me wink

Max. He is adorable but he gave me his cold so I'm remembering what its really like to have little ones around! I've been in bed for two days. But mine is temporary. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope you get relief somehow. Nothing worse than back pain.

OH my gosh Nano...that got me down such a lot. Not lowest..but I am content. Thanks for the great clue smilesmilesilence!
I was including Joekayak as part of your clan PaBaldy smileD.. definitely!!
Hamlette..what is the adorable baby's name.. I have asked before..but can't remember. smilesmile

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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