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Game #1041, Generated on February 27, 2009

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I got to 124, and a no flipper, by playing 3 straight over and Q and 3 straight up. I'll prolly never see 118 but it was fun to find the no flip solution! And Fizz was right, you must bring the 9 down. I keep thinking I can find a way to bring 3 down so I don't have to dig back so far to start putting diamonds up but I'm not seeing it.

I think you must have used the 9 and 4 first because it plays just like you said otherwise. The 9 plays up straight near the end.

OK it definitely works. smile I still insist on 9 and 4 first, it's the only way I could get the 5 to move(which plays up straight). Big key is 5 first.

I was wondering myself for awhile whether or not the scoring system got dyslexic on you and switched the 2 & 3. But yes it is a no flipper only I only been able to do it with the 9 and 4 first.

Fizz.. if you'll send your email address, I'll send you more info if you want it. The scientist in me is now wondering whether this was a scoring error. I would love to see it duplicated. Science=reproducible results. Email address on my profile..

Actually, it may have been a one-flipper. I am so confused. Sorry if I've mislead anybody.

Fizz, etc. I'm very sorry. I still can't dupe my 123. If I could I'd post better clues. I know it involved 9 first 4 first and then somehow I managed to clear the 5 straight up the 9 eventually played straight up. I do remember it involved some switching that didn't look right but then all of a sudden everything was playing up and back. At the end, the spades had played up to the 9, the J was exposed on the Q. That allowed the TS and Q to clear. I did have to play K down Q down to get J down and TH down. That exposed the 7 and then hearts to the J and K and all of a sudden 123 with a no flipper.

I wouldn't disagree with your tastes, I was just offering my opinion. I agreed with your 9 first because it comes up first and donna's 4. You must be thinking one or the other with the 9's.

Awwww, come on! How can you agree with me and disagree with me at the same time? You disagree with my assessment of sushi but used the 4 first? I don't see how it matters which 9 I use first. I get 133 no matter what. Dang. What am I missing?

Sun's gone down on the Grand Canyon, emm's back. Hi!

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