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Game #1007, Generated on January 26, 2009

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Fizz is usual. I went back and found the thread about the new scoring. I wasn't paying enough attention back then, prolly because my score was so lack luster.

It's probably more advisable if you want to play some of the old games to do it when you're not logged in. If you can get down to a really good score then log in so it only has to recalculate it once.

Hamlette it's to my understanding that part of the score, I've been guessing around 25%, is made up from the average of all the games a player has played prior to the last 30 days. That's why I say beware, because unless playing those games lowers your average then you may lose points. ***** I should add, one of the reasons Adam took off the link to the archives along with changing the scoring down to mainly 30 days was so many people were playing the old games trying to catch up that the site had to continually recalculate the scores which put a load on the server and slowed the game down or crashed it.

Thanks Mom!! smile Tomorrow a koala smile

That's true.. you are a day ahead.. Happy Australia Day to all smile!!!! And Happy Birthday Di's mum!

Also Happy Australia Day!

I thought the rankings were based on the last 30 games. You can go back beyond that but it won't count.
Oh, and happy anniversary Ann-Maree and Adam and thanks to both of you for this wonderful site!

Thanks, fizzbut. You're so dang smart! I didn't know we could still play the old games from the beginning -- back when I think I was in the top 20 even with lousy times due to different scoring apparently. Now I'm just trying to get keep in the low 100's or high 90's. (Sounds like the weather I'd like right now, too! Oh, for a tropical vacation right now! My knees are aching today from the cool, damp weather.) I'm sure I could play some of them now with less moves, but I really don't care a whole lot about the total competition score anyway, as I have no way of bettering my speed much. I just try for low moves each new game and almost went nuts trying unsuccessfully to find the last 2 moves in yesterday's game, for example. Today's no different!

Lovely cards,happy anniversary Ann-Maree & Adam many happy returnssmilesmilesmile

btw with that link you can go back and play all the games for anyone in need of more. Beware though it could hurt you rankings unless you play them faster and with less moves then you average.

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2016-05-10 17:27:24

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

2015-12-03 20:34:00

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