help for the poor, please help

by Molly Moon » 2007-07-07 10:20:07 #4904

if anyone (well almost everyone on this site has one!) has instructions for me on how to make or get a picture (on the left of your screen under your profile) please give me them! (and also please make sure that they don't cost!!!!) Thank you very much, and i hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

by Keggie » 2007-07-09 08:21:57 #6284

I chose a jpg picture I wanted to use and changed its size to 65 by 65 pixels using Paint Shop Pro (but you could use any imaging editing program). I saved the result and put it in a folder where I could find it. I then logged on to Solitaire Craving and clicked on "My Profile" at top rightand then on "Change my details"/. On that screen I clicked on the browse button and then clicked through to the location where I'd saved the small jpg. I then clicked on the update profile button and after the next system update my new picture appeared (I think this was the day after but I can't remember). I hope this helps.