How does the scoring and ranking system work?

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-22 17:40:24 #4787

Each game is invidually calculated for each player by adding 1 point for each second and 1 point for each move. The scores are then reversed. So the player in 1st position will receive the most points while the person in the last position will receive the least points. This allows games to be ranked based on their average time to complete (to give more points to harder games and less points to easier games).

by SuzyQ » 2006-08-23 09:49:59 #5680

Interesting! I never would have guessed they were calculated this way. I definitely lose a lot each day, though, as my seconds are always VERY far from those of the leaders, even though my moves are generally up near the top. It really doesn't matter, though, as I'm playing more for the fun of it than ever expecting to be "top dog."

by Dragonchilde » 2006-08-23 11:51:16 #5681

Hmm, this kind of explains why me and Wynter have been tied for points for the last two days.

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-23 12:09:54 #5682

@Dragonchilde: I didn't realise that until you pointed it out.

To gain a few extra points you just need to go back to play a couple of games again and get a better time.

by vampje » 2006-08-23 12:45:05 #5683

i'm sorry, but i don't understand the scores are reversed bit. the player 1 gets the score from the worst player?

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-23 13:58:23 #5684

Ok, I'll explan by example:

Take the following scores:

Position 1, 15 Seconds, 10 Moves
Position 2, 25 Seconds, 10 Moves
Position 3, 30 Seconds, 10 Moves

The scores are calculated as follows:

Position 1, 15+10 = 25
Position 2, 25+10 = 35
Position 3, 30+10 = 40

To make sure the lowest time and moves are rewarded (and not the highest) the scores are then removed. This also helps to give more points to games that take longer to complete.

Position 1: 40 Points
Position 2: 35 Points
Position 3: 25 Points

There are limitations on the amount of time for each game (this prevents someone from inflating their scores by creating a fake account that takes an obscene amount of time to finish each game).

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-23 14:01:00 #5685

Sorry, one of the sentences should read:

To make sure the lowest time and moves are rewarded (and not the highest) the scores are then reversed (not removed).

When I get time I will add an edit feature to the forum.

by fraug » 2006-08-24 09:06:41 #5686

Do stars count towards points at all or just for bragging rights?

by luigi de nichilo » 2006-08-24 10:46:56 #5687

exellent,but i will still be in the mid 30 places

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-24 15:22:28 #5688

@fraug: Stars represent achievements, if points were added for stars then we would see the same people getting more and more points every day (namely @Xavor and @emm). So stars are just for bragging rights. Besides, they make you look very pretty wink

by fraug » 2006-08-31 15:50:16 #5689

Another question on stars, what happens if two or more ppl tie for time or moves? Do they both get stars?

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-31 16:15:08 #5690

At the moment only one person can get a star for least time or least moves. This will probably be database determined (the first to go into the database). Perhaps, in these special situations, the person with the overall best (best moves and least moves) should receive teh award.. Any thoughts?

by emm » 2006-09-01 08:26:48 #5691

At some point you are going to actually hit the wall on the least number of moves on a game and not be able to go any lower. So as it is now, the race is to get there first. I find myself thinking I have to get up, get my two cups of coffee and be ready to play so I can get there before fraug. AND how many times have I thought I had hit the wall and someone goes even lower, so if I play and tie them I think they should have the star because they set the bar.

by emm » 2006-09-04 16:03:10 #5692

I've been thinking about the star thing. The same person getting the star for least moves is a little boring for everyone else. So I'm going to log out and play and if by the end of the day, my score is a lot lower than everyone's then I'll log back in and play. Or tell people how they can go lower.

by emm » 2006-10-03 14:18:37 #5693

It's October 2nd and I'd like to update the star thing. I found when I logged out people did not make the least moves number. The way I think of it - there is a definite least moves number out there, it's not like you can get it to go lower and lower like @fraug and @Dragonchilde do with their best times. I like to share the bling (stars) but not if someone can't find the least moves, so I've been trying to wait until after lunch or the next day to play the game of the day, giving someone the chance to get there before me. The only thing is, I'm so addicted to this game, a lot of times I can't wait that long... i'm not very mature.

by sgt651 » 2008-03-22 13:53:02 #5694

I must be doing something wrong,I am a fair player but i cannot see how someone can do them in 2 or less mins.

by fizzbut » 2008-03-23 13:16:44 #5695

@sgt651 it takes practice, good memory(at least short term memory or by playing the game so many times you can't help but remember what to do) plus I've found the game runs a lot faster using Firefox for a browser. Using Internet Explorer the cards move rather slowly making it difficult to get under 2 min. I've also found the shortest way to finish a game is often the fastest so try and get your moves down.

by fizzbut » 2008-03-23 13:23:26 #5696

If you go into the "Solitaire Discussion" forum and look in the "Am I cheating" thread, fraug put a couple links to utube videos of him playing well under 1 minute if you want to see how it's done.

by Dick Christensen » 2008-06-23 16:07:40 #5697

I think I understand the scoring and the ranking procedure, but I don't understand why my score never changes. I'm a fairly new member and am a pretty mediocre player so I don't expect my ranking to change much but shouldn't my score continue to accumulate? I play nearly every day, but my scoring and ranking haven't changed in weeks... Can you explain?

by fizzbut » 2013-02-07 18:04:05 #5698

I dug this up out of the forum. It has the original explanation of the scoring system which was later modified.