subject About Me!

by Dja427 » 2015-10-12 00:17:04 #9707

My name is Daniel and I am new to the solitaire scene. I am currently a community college student in my freshman year and I needed to find a way to relax from all the school stress. It started with solitaire apps on my phone and now I am the proud user of SolSuite 2015 and Pysolfc(free open source program I HIGHLY recommend! Has over 1,000 solitaire variations). Anyways the point is I have more solitaire than I know what to do with and I kinda wanted to share the passion with other people so that's when I found this site.

Welcome from TKO

by TKO » 2015-10-12 01:19:51 #9708

Glad to have you  join us. It is a great group... and the game is lots of fun.